Shay Vogel

My lifelong goal has been to contribute to the betterment of society. I wasn’t sure how to channel my love of science, math, and fine art into a career path, then I learned about engineering and the inspiring work being done around me. 

My degree is in interdisciplinary studies because I was interested in developing a unique and diverse range of skills in a variety of content areas. I independently assembled classes from many degree fields including biotechnology, physics, and multimedia design to gain an understanding of how these disciplines are connected. Throughout my coursework, I completed a variety of complicated projects that used skills valuable in an engineering test setting. I welded together an eight inch sphere, built a one person boat, conducted and ran tests in a laboratory setting, wrote technical reports on results from lab experiments, and worked with groups of colleagues. Through these experiences, I have learned to delegate and be delegated to. I have learned that communication and cooperation are necessary when working with peers.

For five years I have been a member of the Community Clay Center, a ceramic teaching facility. Ceramics is my favorite medium because it is so versatile and plastic. I have created very large ceramic sculptures measuring multiple feet, and pea-sized scenes using pin tools, tiny paint brushes, good eyes, and a steady hand. I load the kilns and program them to fire at the selected temperature and for the appropriate amount of time. I also make the glazes, which requires precise measurements and an ability to work accurately while using proper safety equipment. In addition, I instruct children and adults in the art of ceramics, which has taught me how to find multiple ways of communicating the same idea and to organize my thoughts, the lesson, and the materials so that others can learn from me.

My experiences in elderly care and in customer service have made me comfortable working with individuals and as a team member. My ability to absorb and retain new information allows me to work independently. From these, I’ve also learned how to adapt to changing environments, and how to quickly apply new skills.

I look forward to being able to apply my organizational skills, strong problem solving skills, and quick learning capacity to efficiently and accurately analyze and document product failures as well as maintain inventories of equipment and supplies.


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