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Twitter was pretty interesting to get used to but once I did it was fun and I found myself wanting to explore the world of tweets. I followed a variety of companies and people. I had to make myself participate in this, but it became a bit of a habit. This platform allowed me to see comments and projects from companies and people that I would not have seen on other media sites. It’s really cool to see what is new and active and the people who are in charge of these groups doing what I’m striving to do.

I found it difficult at first to pay attention and care about what’s happening on twitter and it is still not my biggest source of networking, but I’ve found it is very easy and quick to reach out to anyone at any time. The website is now so prolific many people of interest are involved. I tweeted out to a few big design companies. I did not get responses but that doesn’t mean I will never get a response. One tweet I posted was my first logo design and a design company in India retweeted it.

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