Research Article and Applied Project Prospectus and Timelines

RA Prospectus

Working Title:  Catering to a Digital Culture

It took me a long time to land on one path. The one I chose is Industrial Design, which is designing the look, feel, shape, size, and materials of developing products. It necessitates both linear and lateral problem solving through CAD simulations and team work. I specifically want to design products for humanitarian and biomedical purposes – things that will benefit the world – but the efficacy of a product is not limited to merely how it functions. Things that are aesthetically pleasing have a leg up to the less creatively designed, when something is malleable when it should be solid, when it is bumpy when it should be smooth – all these things impact our impressions of products. Communication and function should be the reason for every design decision. I think constantly keeping the user in mind is the most important aspect of product development, and this research article with thoroughly explain every reason to do that.

Iphone “Air Pods” provide a sleek and tangle-free headphone experience that will last until they fall out of your ear and get lost. Courtesy of

AP Prospectus

I want to give the Interdisciplinary Department the option to have a logo and a mascot. I am working with Photoshop and Illustrator to create designs that encapsulate the department in a concise and creative way that is also memorable. I also want to include the students enrolled in the courses to provide their own design to be considered for a logo, or to have a revolving set of logos and mascots that represent the individuality of each year. I aim to have a set of neat and professional logos, stickers, and at least one 3D printed mascot, and a set of volunteered logos from students. Logos are super important to companies and establishments that want to have a visual association. Colors, shapes, and symbols play a role in the memorability of a logo. It adds a fun pop of design and creativity and creates an easy means for classical conditioning.  Positive associations make people want to continue that association!



10/1/17 thru 11/14/17

  • Amass a trove of sources saved on both computers
  • Library resources
  • Sift through and have notes on each source and citation
  • Begin writing draft
  • Write various intros and outros for paragraphs


  • Visual aids and pictures
  • incorporate paragraphs for each picture
  • Continue writing from notes from sources (Hyperlinks!!)


  • take what I have to writing center
  • Continue draft




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