Student Revolutionizes Solution to Water Crisis in India

Times of India’s Sangamesh Menasinakai reported on an engineering student at Angadi Institute f Technology and Management, Belagavi. Niranjan Karagi developed a water purifier that fits inside any bottle and filters contaminants with activated carbon, mesh, and cotton. This product was designed out of necessity – Karagi saw his friends and family drinking bacteria infested water because that was all they had to drink. In this interview, Karagi stated: “Contaminated drinking water can cause anything from mild gastrointestinal distress to serious bacterial diseases. Then I felt the need to make the lives of these children better.” With the help of the Leaders Accelerating Development, a foundation dedicated to helping develop technology in the third world, the student got the necessary funding and has sold thousands since its market release in 2016 for 20 rupees each. He is employing his friends and colleagues as market interns and has himself become the tycoon of this portable, inexpensive water purification industry that is also highly eco-friendly and humanitarian.

Having a great idea is great, but it doesn’t mean much without necessity, marketability, and financial support. Without Karagi’s acumen for business, his invention might not have had the success is has now.

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4 Replies to “Student Revolutionizes Solution to Water Crisis in India”

  1. I like how you posit business and marketing as the engine that drives innovative and humanitarian ideas into the real world. It’s an integrated way to think of activism, service, and the economy as part of a web that serves and sustains the public good. I enjoyed thus little post!

  2. This is interesting Shay! This is a success story that helps a lot of humans across the planet. I will look more into this.

  3. This is a good post because the post shows how you can take different studies and combine them to make great things.

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