Syntheses of Falling Face First into the Future and Handspeak 2018

Falling Face First into the Future Synthesis


I read about the highly complicated process behind creating products and applied them to some modern technologies. There are many inventions that have had a huge effect on humanity in various ways across the spectrum of society. I learned about the history of the fork, the nature of engineering, and how we became the culture we are today.




I put up my first gallery show this January to showcase my hands. I’ve been working on them for 6 years as a personal project. It wasn’t until one of the owners of the Community Clay Center suggested I do a show that I began collecting my old hands and making more. Even though it seems like this is what years of work has been leading up to, I’m still working on hands. I am still noticing ways I can represent what I need to. I still have a 50 pound block of clay at home in my room waiting. I still notice everyone’s fingers and palms and wrists and elbows. Based on this, I don’t think I’m close to being truly finished with this series.


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