The Segway

Do you remember products and fads that were super popular at one time but became irrelevant very quickly? I’m interested in what variables have part in making something thrive or fizzle out. Things like practicality, cost, environmental impact, advertising, even just how it looks and works can have detrimental impacts on the life of an idea. In 2001, Dean Kamen’s Segway  became available for sale after a long period of anticipation and hype. What was to be described as a revolution in transportation was revealed as a fancy scooter. It balances itself, goes on various terrain, turns on a dime, goes pretty fast, and is an all around neat gadget to play with. It was also expensive, not entirely user friendly, and very quickly found its own niche, which added a super interesting social stigma. The Segway is still a part of society, Dean Kamen has an amazing way of engineering products that matter to enough of the right people.

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A Swarm of Segways in DC
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