3D Design

3D design skills involve the ability to conceptualize an idea in three dimensions. Architects, sculptors, engineers, scientists, etc. use physical materials or graphic design programs to display an idea. 3D design is a means through which ideas are expressed as physical or conceptual models.  This discipline balances the aspects of form and function to create a user friendly, aesthetically appealing object that fulfills its intended function.

There is a pretty awesome and thorough design program at PSU, using various CAD programs, welding, woodworking, clay, all the while exploring the theory and history of aesthetic design. The combination of 3D design and mathematics creates a well-rounded set of skills that can apply to many aspects of sciences and arts.  Overlapping of these subjects is what creates buildings that are both stable and beautiful, inventions that provide a user friendly improvement on society and the world, streamline, displacement, suspension, weight distribution in art.

I found a very interesting explanation of 3D design in this journal.


3D design is so versatile and a tremendously useful tool for planning, guiding, and creating. Architectural design is so variant and differs so much depending on culture, time period, and access to tools. Even in contemporary buildings, the typical structure and materials differ greatly.


National Society of Professional Engineers

Content and methods



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2 Replies to “3D Design”

  1. Lovely ePort! The theme is awesome and things look great. I am not sure what the “content and methods” means at the end of your post, and I was sad not see more of the terms and concepts from our reading mentioned here, as the assignment prompted. But overall, a good glimpse into the field of 3D Design. Would you call this a discipline? Or do you see it more as part of a discipline (like art or engineering)?

    1. Your question serves a good point. I think on a larger scale, my intended discipline was engineering. 3D design is a larger portion of engineering, but not all of it. Thank you for your comment.

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