Vessel Basket Boat Blimp Nest

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This project was exceedingly difficult for me. My design was intricate for the medium we were challenged to use, and it was a process I was learning along the way. We used strips of wood glued together and clamped in circles on the wall to construct a piece that gave the idea of movement or transportation. I began with a 1:2 scale, drawing wood 2017, measured the lengths of each drawn ring, and multiplied by the scale factor to get the diameter of the ring. I found the circumference of each ring and cut the wood strips to the appropriate length. With the diameter known, I used a compass to draw the intended circle. With metal brackets and screws, I clamped on the cut lengths of wood onto the brackets.

I wish the whole project was devoted to shrink wrap. Everything about it was so fun and cool. The way the plastic forms so smooth and perfectly over the wooden beams is satisfying to look at. I got to use a huge blow torch! The shrink wrap distorted the rings way more than I was expecting. The rings were held together by a frame and wire, to avoid rigidity and breakage. These loose connections coupled with the shrink wrap distorted the end product significantly.

This project was a taste of engineering: drawing blueprints, using math to translate theory to application, then learning to adapt the materials to the blueprints. In order to properly fit the wooden strips around the brackets with sufficient overlap, I learned I had to subtract half an inch from the length of the wood. This process took so much trial and error, which is what the blueprints were supposed to prevent. I believe the reason this sculpture was so incredibly successful was because I was not prepared for how much it took to achieve something close to the shape I was hoping for. My calculations were pretty two dimensional, when what was required was scale drawings of tons of different angles to see the relationship between each curve and the hand. My goal was difficult, but entirely possible. It just required more attention than I was willing to give.


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